The World’s First Decentralized Multi-Platform Collateral Infrastructure

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Restricted countries: USA, CA and China

Get on the list to receive news on the development of the DEPO project.

Get on the list to receive news on the development of the DEPO project.

DEPO listing process has started

Depository Network builds a blockchain collateral ecosystem.

Our ecosystem currently includes:

Digital assets


DEPO is a safe, decentralized service for banks and other money-lending institutions, allowing them to accept tokens, crypto currencies, blockchain bonds and shares as loan collateral.

Benefits of being listed on DEPO

  • On the list offered to all kinds of lenders worldwide.
  • Tokens can be used as a guarantee for loans.
  • Additional value for tokenholders.

If you are a blockchain project owner and you want your tokens to be accepted by lenders as collateral, you can join the Depository Network ecosystem.

Projects Listed on DEPO

Bitcoin Bing






Adult X Token


Whiskey Token












Alchemy Coin




Aclyd Project


Bitozz Exchange






Solarex Powering Africa





























DICE Money








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Blockchain Depository Platforms Provider

Depository Network is a B2B project combining the traditional financial system with the blockchain technology.

We build a secure infrastructure for lenders to accept blockchain assets as guarantee for loans.

  • Improve the liquidity of 100 million crypto holders.
  • Allow all lenders worldwide to enter into the crypto world.
  • Support many crypto currencies and tokens.

Depository Network platform enables cryptoholders to use blockchain assets as collateral for loans.

Next Generation Platform To Deposit Crypto As Guarantee

Depository Network enables all lenders to accept crypto as guarantee without changing the lending process.

We provide the missing technological layer to the lenders as banks, credit institutions, and p2p lending platforms.

“A huge potential market to disrupt” according to ICOindex review.


DEPO Network - Turnkey solution for lenders

Designed for P2P lending platforms and banks.

  • Set up in two weeks
  • Support many smart contracts
    • Etherium, EOS, Stellar, Aeternity, Credits
  • For all types of blockchain assets
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • Platform tokens
    • Utility tokens
    • Natural asset tokens
    • Security tokens

White label platforms for depositing blockchain assets.

  • Multisig wallets for every deposit (borrower, lender, DEPO)
  • Arbitration option in case of dispute
  • Volatility control (margin call option)
  • Risk management
  • Scoring
  • Fast listing for new blockchain assets.
  • Cost efficiently solution
  • Works with all fiat currencies
  • Automatic release functionality


Svetoslav is an eminent legal professional with more than 15 years of experience, the latter of which as Managing Partner of one of the top Bulgarian law firms, Penkov, Markov & Partners. During his career, he led different NGOs in the IT and TMT area and was a member of the Supervisory Board of one of the biggest and oldest telecoms in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Telecommunication Company. But most importantly, he has always been looking for an opportunity to innovate traditional legal institutions, such as collateral, and implement them in the digital world. Depository Network is a dream come true for him.

Svetoslav Dimitrov
CEO & Co-Founder

Law firm Penkov, Markov & Partners
Managing Partner

Bulgarian Telecommunication Company AG
Former member of the Supervisory Board

Organizational leader with 20+ years in management and executive roles in the IT industry, enterprise companies and startups. He has a wealth of experience in establishing and optimizing distributed Product R&D organizations. Currently a Director and ISBU site lead at VMware (NYSE:VMW), previously he served as CEO of Methodia Ltd, a cloud services startup and as Managing partner at Sciant/WizCom, Bulgaria’s largest outsourcing company at the time, acquired by VMware.

Dimitar Kostov
Technology Board Member and Investor

Director and ISBU site lead

(acquired by VMware)
Managing partner

Martin is one of the co-founders of Bitcoin Gold. He has vast experience in iOS development, Swift lecturer in Software University, winner of NASA Space Apps Challenge Competitions and John Atanasov award.

Martin Kuvandjiev
Technology Board Member

Bitcoin Gold
Co-Founder and Board Member

NASA Space Apps Challenge Competitions 2015
Winner as Leader of Porject “Valkirye”

Member of the board & co-founder of the Court of Arbitration of Commercial Disputes in Burgas, and a former board member of the Bulgarian chamber of Private Enforcement Agents. Delyan is currently serving as a representative of the Bulgarian chamber of PEA in the European judicial network at the European Commission. He has invested in a number of fintech startups over the past three years.

Delyan Nikolov
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Court of Arbitration of Commercial Disputes
Co-Founder and Board Member

EJN at the European Commission
Representative of the Bulgarian Chamber of PEA

Serial Investor with profound experience in deal sourcing and structuring, investment management and venture building. He has invested in and built over 15 successful businesses in IT, professional services, financial services, energy, automotive, real estate, telecoms, and entertainment.

Valeri Valtchev
Co-Founder & Business Development

White & Case
Former Director of European Trade Services

Forton International
(acquired by Cushman & Wakefield)
Managing Partner and Board Member

Guergana has been actively involved in fintech and blockchain projects, and handled CFO functions at two startups. She's also director of the Bulgarian Fintech Association. Guergana has a BSc in Business Administration from Ludwig Maximilian Univ. in Munich, Germany and a MSc in Finance from Bocconi Univ. in Milan, Italy. She speaks fluent English, German, Italian and Bulgarian.

Guergana Stoichkova

Bulgarian Fintech Association

180 Degrees Consulting Sofia
Co-founder & Vice President

Heading the technical team at LimeChain, George also has experience in leading teams to deliver successful software projects for everyone from startups like pCloud to international companies like IBM. In addition, his blockchain expertise has earned him recognition as a top performer of the inaugural Blockchain Developers Academy run by ConsenSys.

George Spassov
Blockchain Architect

10+ years of experience in digital marketing, branding and web development. He uses innovative new methods for product development and results-driven strategies. A crypto enthusiast and strong believer in the power of blockchain technology to create a better world.

Petar Markov
Co-Founder & Marketing

Nick Todorov is the founder and CEO of LimeChain, the blockchain development and consulting studio. He combines experience in building companies and brands with expertise in applying blockchain technology. His deep understanding of business needs along with a firm grasp of the technical capabilities of blockchain allows him to act as the crucial link between his team’s technical expertise and his clients’ needs.

Nick Todorov
Blockchain Developer

Desislava Filipova
Sales and Мarketing Еxpert

H K has over 10 years of experience as a security manager and holds a Master’s degree in Security. He has a lot of interest in Blockchain, also has several related BlockChain patents and has a career as a community manager in the field of Crytocurrency.

HK Seol
Community Manager

Yanislav Rusev
Community Manager



For the past 25 years, Ivo has worked as an investor and entrepreneur in Central and Eastern Europe. Over the past four years, he has co-founded or invested in a number of technology startups, mostly in the fintech sector. From 2001 to 2011, he served as a co-founder and board chairman of TBIF Financial Services.

Ivo Gueorguiev

Banca Transilvania
Member of the Board of Directors

Depository Network


Jos has 15 years experience as an international adviser, Rule of law projects, legal reform projects, legal drafting, EU acquis, human rights, regional cooperation. He is a senior expert with proven professional experience in particular civil justice, court administration, judicial reform, justice administration, reinforcement of the rule of law, human rights, capacity and institution building, enforcement law, ethics, disciplinary proceedings, E-justice, Institution building.

Jos Uitdehaag

International Monetary Fund
Advisor Legal Reform

World Bank Group
Team Leader and Key Expert

European Commission
Legal and Institutional Building

Waqas has been an application developer for 10+ years, he is passionate about blockchain and has spent the past year working with the technology both professionally and academically. He has a BSc in Computer Science and a MSc in Financial Systems Engineering. He has worked on ethereum and fabric with the intention of working with more.

Waqas Khan

J.P. Morgan
Senior Associate

Blockchain Development

Application Development

Filip is a registered statutory auditor in the UK, with extensive accounting and audit experience in industry and with major audit firms in London. He has audited big commercial and financial clients. Filip writes articles on accounting for cryptocurrencies. Fillip has worked for KPMG for 2 years as an audit manager, for E&Y for 3 years as a senior audit manager and for Grand Thornton UK for 5 years as a senior audit manager.

Filip Lyapov

Audit Manager

Ernst & Young (EY)
Senior Auditor Manager

Cryptocurrency Tax Adviser

Kapil has been working as a Global Infrastructure Manager and Technology Transformation executive for more than 20 years. He has extensive technical and management experience in large globally-distributed Investment banking and consulting environments. He specialises in Technical and Business Strategy for financial services. Kapil holds an MBA from Cass Business School – London with specialisation in Strategy and Corporate Finance. He is also the author of 4 Linux books and Blockchain articles on DCC blog.

Kapil Sharma


J.P. Morgan
Vice President - Global Infrastructure Manager for Fixed Income Spread group

Jason is a serial entrepreneur and inventor in mobile business, blockchain ecosystem, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business. He is the co-founder of Treascovery, Chidopi and TimeBox, EXSmart and the advisory board for more than 35 ICOs.

Jason Hung

IDACB Advisor

ICOBench Top 6

ICO Max Advisor

Giovanni is a writer, public speaker, investor and notable blockchain industry figurehead. He is a co-founder of Black Marketing Guru, a digital marketing and advertising startup based in Rimini, Italy. He is also an advisor on various projects.

Giovanni Casagrande

ICO bench Advisor

Rumen is a crypto enthusiast who is currently in different roles as an advisor, consultant and a sales manager in a marketing company of crypto projects and startups that want to incorporate the blockchain.

Rumen Slavchov

ICO bench Advisor

Dimitar Ivanov is an expert with registered pledges and executive process. Author of over 60 articles and comments in the field of contractual law, commercial law and civil process. Author of the monograph “Registered Pledge in Bulgarian Law”. Co-author in collections “Execute Proceedings under the Civil Procedure Code and the Law on Registered Pledges”, 2016-2017; Challenge: The Implementation Process, 2016; Challenge: The Limitation, 2017 and Challenge: The Insolvency, 2018

Dimitar Ivanov, PhD (Law)

Legal Advisor

CEO of Phyre and Rewards Labs. Co-founder of getti – one of the largest loyalty programs in Bulgaria. He is a proven entrepreneur with tech background.

Konstantin Djelebov

Technology Board Advisor


Our Experience


Fintech Startups

Founders: Ivo Gueоrguiev, Valeri Valtchev, Deliyan Nikolov, Svetoslav Dimitrov

Bulgarian Fintech Association

Founders: Svetoslav Dimitrov, Valeri Valtchev


The third largest Romanian bank

Board Member: Ivo Gueоrguiev

E-money Payment Institution

Paynetics is a payment institution and one of the three Bulgarian e-money issuers. It offers acquiring and issuing services, issuing of pre-paid, credit and virtual cards, and others.

Founders: Ivo Guerguiev and Valeri Valtchev

Court of Arbitration

Court of Arbitration of Commercial Disputes in Burgas

Co-founder & Member of The Board: Delyan Nikolov

Real Estate Company

Founded Forton, which later become the largest RE company in Bulgaria and merged with Cushman & Wakefield.

Founder: Valeri Valtchev

Corporate Finance Advisory and Investment Company

Founded Innimmo Advisors, which is an active Bulgarian advisory and investment company.

Founder: Valeri Valtchev

Financial Services Group

The group is active in banking, consumer finance and asset management across Central and Eastern Europe. The group includes TBI Bank, TBI Credit, TBI Leasing, and others.

Co-founder & Board Member: Ivo Gueorguiev

Pension Fund

The largest Bulgarian pension fund

Co-founder & Board Member: Ivo Gueоrguiev

IT Company

Fast growing Bulgarian IT company, which was later acquired by VMWare

Founder: Dimitar Kostov


Lithuanian bank currently part of Vilnius Bank

Board Member: Ivo Gueоrguiev

Token Economics

  • Token Distribution

    • DEPO Reserve
    • Airdrop, Bounty, Advisors
    • Team, Founders
    • Pre-sale, ICO
  • Intended Use of Funds

    • Product Development
    • Exchange Listing
    • Legal and Administrative
    • Reserve
    • Marketing and Sales

Target users

  • 30,000 non-bank lenders

    that can use DEPO network to accept digital collateral

  • 17,500 banks

    (over 4,900 in the USA and over 7,400 within the EU) can use DEPO network to accept digital collateral

  • Hundreds of p2p lending platforms

    that can use DEPO network to accept digital collateral

The Problems We Are Solving

  • Adoption

    By making an easy-to-use and easy-to integrate system, we aim to adopt crypto assets as part of traditional lenders business.

  • Decentralization

    Removes the need for state-owned, centralized depositories and allows any lending institution worldwide to build independent depository.

  • Ownership

    Cryptographically secure multi-signature wallets and smart contracts, allowing the borrower to keep ownership of their crypto assets.

  • Flexibility

    Many cryptocurrency and token holders need to have the flexibility to acquire fast fiat currency.

Our Roadmap


Concept Definition

2018 Q1-Q2

Team Formation, Preparations

2018 June

First Prototype DEPO

2018 Q3/Q4

Private and Public Pre-sale, ICO

2018 Q3

Alpha Release DEPO

2018 Q4

Beta Release DEPO

2019 Q1

Official Launch of DEPO

2019 Q4

Users: 10 P2P lending platforms and 50 non-bank lending institutions


Users: 50 P2P lending platfirms, 100 banks and 500 non-bank lending platforms


Users: 800 banks and 1500 non-bank lending institutions


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