XBASE Tokens to be Listed on DEPO!

Depository Network has just confirmed a new listing agreement, this time, with ETERBASE!

ETERBASE is the first regulation-compliant European cryptocurrency exchange, offering fast, secure trading on a clean, powerful, user interface.

Eterbase are looking to position themselves as Europe’s ‘first bank-grade crypto exchange’ by offering fiat integration and Euro pairings, whilst being fully compliant with relevant regulations.

Adopting the best practices of existing exchanges and eliminating bad practices, the ETERBASE team is building a trading platform that addresses the issues currently facing first-wave exchanges such as lack of regulatory compliance, poor UX/UI, slow trading speeds, and scalability problems.

Eterbase is also one of the only cryptocurrency exchanges applying to become an Electronic Money Institution, which will allow them to issue International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs) and integrate with the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) system to allow them to clear bank payments across Europe and issue debit cards to its users.

By making it easier for users to purchase crypto with fiat, and bringing a robust, fully compliant exchange platform to market, we believe Eterbase is an excellent value-add to the industry.

Why List on the DEPO Platform?

Depository Network is a safe, decentralized service for banks and other money-lending institutions.

As a lender, having access to a wide array of tokens, cryptocurrencies, blockchain bonds and loan shares as collateral massively reduces risk and allows for a level of diversification that has previously not been seen.

If you are a blockchain project owner and want your tokens to be accepted by lenders as collateral, you should join the Depository Network ecosystem.

Listing Eterbase Tokens (XBASE) on the Depository Network ecosystem offers both XBASE holders and DEPO users several benefits, including:

  • All listed tokens are offered to all kinds of lenders worldwide.
  • XBASE can be used as a guarantee for loans.
  • Additional utility for XBASE users
  • Additional value for token holders, with none of the typical risks.

To apply for listing on the DEPO platform, please complete the following application form: https://depository.network/depo-listing/

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