Nebeus Token (NBTK) to be Listed on DEPO!

London based Nebeus is a crypto bank setting its sights on the crypto debit card industry by

building bridges between crypto and fiat finance. Making crypto finance simple.

Nebeus also offers users a wallet for storage of several cryptocurrencies and a cold-storage vault protecting your cryptocurrency assets with multiple layers of security.

Besides its crypto wallet and vault, Nebeus offers three main services;

  1. The Debeus Crypto Card, allowing you to withdraw your cryptocurrency from any ATM, top up your card with any major cryptocurrency, and benefit from up to 3% monthly cash back in NBTK.
  2. Crypto backed loans, helping crypto holders extract value from their portfolio without selling or credit checks.
  3. Cryptocurrency exchange, allowing users to buy cryptocurrency with VISA or Mastercard and exchange against a variety of other tokens and coins.

At Depository Network, we believe that opening cryptocurrency to the masses and acting to reduce volatility are two key areas that must be addressed. As such, we welcome any credible project directing its efforts towards those goal.

Why List on the DEPO Platform?

Depository Network is a safe, decentralized service for banks and other money-lending institutions.

As a lender, having access to a wide array of tokens, cryptocurrencies, blockchain bonds and loan shares as collateral massively reduces risk and allows for a level of diversification that has previously not been seen.

If you are a blockchain project owner and want your tokens to be accepted by lenders as collateral, you should join the Depository Network ecosystem.

Listing Nebeus Token (NBTK) on the Depository Network ecosystem offers both NBTK holders and DEPO users several benefits, including:

  1. All listed tokens are offered to all kinds of lenders worldwide.
  2. NBTK can be used as a guarantee for loans.
  3. Additional utility for NBTK users
  4. Additional value for token holders, with none of the typical risks.

To apply for listing on the DEPO platform, please complete the following application form:

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