DEPO ICO Postponed. Token listing has started

Depository Network has started a procedure for token listing agreements on the DEPO ecosystem.

We have a very big interest from Blockchain projects to sign listing agreements – both assets and lenders.

In the order to fill in the Depository Network Ecosystem with 100 blockchain projects until the end of 2018 on the executive board meeting on 26 August 2018 we decided to change ICO start date from 15 September to 01 November 2018.

Depository Network builds a blockchain collateral ecosystem.

Benefits of being listed on DEPO

  • On the list offered to all kinds of lenders worldwide.
  • Tokens can be used as a guarantee for loans.
  • Additional value for tokenholders.

If you are a blockchain project owner and you want your tokens to be accepted by lenders as collateral, you can join the Depository Network ecosystem.


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