BitcoinBing Exchange Tokens to be Listed on DEPO!

As Depository Network continues to gain momentum, we are proud to announce yet another confirmed listing agreement, this time, with BitcoinBing!

BitcoinBing is a new cryptocurrency exchange aiming to position itself as the easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies worldwide.

BitcoinBing looks to bring an unprecedented level of security to its users, by keeping 99.5% of all exchange funds in multi-signature cold storage wallets, whilst holdings all tokens off the exchange, protecting them from theft.

Holders of BitcoinBing tokens (BING) will benefit from zero percent trading fees on any cryptocurrency exchanges on the platform, and can also be traded against other cryptocurrencies on the BitcoinBing exchange.

Additionally, the project looks to implement a revenue share feature in future, allowing BING holders to earn a fraction of the exchange revenue.

Here at Depository Network, we believe that making the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency simpler and safer is one of the key steps to global adoption, as such, we are delighted to list BING tokens on the DEPO platform.

Why List on the DEPO Platform?

Depository Network is a safe, decentralized service for banks and other money-lending institutions.

As a lender, having access to a wide array of tokens, cryptocurrencies, blockchain bonds and loan shares as collateral massively reduces risk and allows for a level of diversification that has previously not been seen.

If you are a blockchain project owner and want your tokens to be accepted by lenders as collateral, you should join the Depository Network ecosystem.

Listing BitcoinBing Tokens (BING) on the Depository Network ecosystem offers BING holders and DEPO users a variety of benefits, including:

  1. All listed tokens are offered to all kinds of lenders worldwide.
  2. BING can be used as a guarantee for loans.
  3. Additional utility for BING users
  4. Additional value for token holders, with none of the typical risks.

To apply for listing on the DEPO platform, please complete the following application form:

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