2 New Signed Listing Agreements with DEPO Platform

Depository Network signed 2 new listing agreements for DEPO platform with Avatara and Bitozz Exchange.

The Avatara lets you learn the truth about what is happening in the world by yourself, and share it with your relativities and friends.

Avatara is a person working for you at $5-50 per hour. Avatara has a phone with a camera or a video glasses and an Internet connection. Avatara connects with you via Skype (for example) and broadcasts video and audio in mono or stereo formats. You can also use any other video broadcasting technology with video recording featur.

Avatara person – is your partner and guide to the culture of his country

Bitozz Exchange world’s first complete Derivatives Ecosystem for Crypto Assets delivering the most diverse and comprehensive trading & investment solution.

Bitozz Exchange lets you leverage up to 25x without any carrying cost (Funding Cost) and execute trades quickly and precisely with our exclusive ‘Point-and-Click’ ladder based trading interface

We parner with Avatara and Bitozz Exchange becasue we believe that wth their help, we will grow our blockchain collateral ecosystem faster and let more banks and people use tokens, crypto currencies, blockchain bonds and shares as loan collateral.

Why projects join DEPO platform?

Depository Netwrok is a safe, decentralized service for banks and other money-lending institutions, allowing them to accept tokens, crypto currencies, blockchain bonds and shares as loan collateral.

If you are a blockchain project owner and you want your tokens to be accepted by lenders as collateral, you should join the Depository Network ecosystem.

Benefits of lisitng these projects on Depository Network ecosystem:

  • On the list offered to all kinds of lenders worldwide.
  • ARAW, REO and SRX tokens can be used as a guarantee for loans.
  • Additional value for tokenholders.

In order to start procedure projects need to fill in the application form at: https://depository.network/depo-listing/

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